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We are a UK footwear manufacturer of Performance Engineered Extreme Sports Footwear. On the Odessa Footwear Official Website you can view our latest range of products, find out all the latest info and news on Odessa events and our team of BMX, Skate, Mountain Bike, Flatland & Motocross.
We also have news on the development of the future footwear range of low, mid and high tops as well as a huge collection of jeans, tees, jumpers, boots and apparel from the freshest urban street brands on the Odessastore. We handpick brands to match your style.

Were proud to support BMX, our sponsored team has represented our brand and tested our footwear rigorously in urban scenarios. We invest in grassroots BMX to keep the culture alive. If you have any comment to make you can contact us.

Odessa Footwear -  Roar!
Odessa Footwear BMX Odessa Footwear BMX